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Stamp Sale No. 352 Gallery

251 Lot(s) and 260 Picture(s) found

Lot 699 1590 POSTAGE DUES
1959-63 set Mint (except 1½d). SG D56-68 (except D58) Cat £62 (12)Details
£18 Lot 699 Picture
Lot 700 1595 REGIONALS
Scotland photogravure FCP/DEX 11p left band omitted, u/m, fine. CC & MCC cat £100Details
£12 Lot 700 Picture
Guernsey, Jersey & Alderney duplicated early issues on stockcards incl. both 1969 Defin sets & Dues. (200+)Details
£24 Lot 701 Picture
Lot 703 3500 GUERNSEY
1941-44 Arms all shades incl. banknote papers Min on printed album page. STC £200+ (13)Details
£60 Lot 703 Picture
Lot 704 3540 ISLE OF MAN
1841 1d red, J-G, on small neat1843 entire with boxed PeeltownDetails
£70 Lot 704 Picture
Lot 705 3540 ISLE OF MAN
1863 1d red on miniature envelope with Castletown numeral 087, fine.Details
£34 Lot 705 Picture
Lot 706 1611 LOCAL ISSUES
Lundy: 1982 Bird 10p complete sheet of 72 all with spectacular perf shift bisecting the design. U/M, fine (72)Details
£28 Lot 706 Picture
Lot 707 1612 USED ABROAD
British Post Office Constantinople: 1d reds plate 83 (2) + 4d plate 9 on small envelope, some ageing.Details
£50 Lot 707 Picture
Lot 708 1613 CINDERELLAS
Railway local stamps incl. 3 pairs, mixed condition, incl. Midland Railway, Metropolitan & London & North Western (10)Details
£24 Lot 708 Picture
GV-GVI range on stockcard. STC £300+ (17)Details
£15 Lot 712 Picture