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Guide for Bidders & Conditions of Sale

Bidding: The auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of clients and vendors, but shall not be liable for errors or omissions in executing instructions to bid.

How the Bidding Works: Each lot is sold at one bidding step above the second highest bid. No bidder will pay more than is necessary to secure the lot. This system operates without exception. Submission of bids implies acceptance of these conditions of sale.

Bidding Steps: Bidding proceeds in steps as follows, starting at the second highest bid, or at the reserve price, if no other bids have been received.

Up to £20in steps of £1£1,000 to £2,000in steps of £50
£20 to £50in steps of £2£2,000 to £5,000in steps of £100
£50 to £100in steps of £5£5,000 to £10,000in steps of £200
£100 to £500in steps of £10£10,000 to £20,000in steps of £500
£500 to £1,000in steps of £25Over £20,000in steps of £1,000

In the event of identical bids for the same lot, the first received will have priority. A buy bid, will be interpreted as three times the estimate.

Reserve: There is a reserve of 80% on most printed estimates. In the event of only one bid being received, that bidder will get the lot at the reserve price. Bids below reserve, however, will be considered at our discretion.

Telephone Bids: Are accepted at our office, between Mon-Fri, 10am - 5pm, subject to written confirmation from customers unknown to us.

Limit of Spending: If the total amount to be spent is to be restricted your bids must be listed in order of preference. When maximum has been reached, any other bids will be ignored.

Satisfaction Guarantee: All lots are sold subject to satisfaction on receipt. The successful purchaser may return any lot not conforming to our description, providing, it is a reasonable complaint of incorrect or inadequate description. However, the lot must be returned no later than 7 days following receipt.

Confidentiality: Details of bids already received cannot be revealed before the close of the sale. These are confidential. To avoid any offence that refusal might cause, please do not request such details. It is fair to other bidders.

Prices Realised: Are listed in the next catalogue. We also send a copy of the realisation list to each successful bidder with the lots or pro-forma invoice.

Unsold Lots: Are available at the reserve price, after close of sale for a period of a further 4 weeks. Offer below reserve prices will be considered at our own discretion.

Photocopies: Are available for most items. Charge 30p for the first sheet and 10p for each additional sheet.

Viewing: Lots are available for viewing on the Tuesday two days before the auction between 10am and 5 pm. Viewing is also possible at other times by appointment only.

Payment: Whenever possible, your bids should be accompanied by debit or credit card authorisation, or crossed, blank cheque, made out to Sajal Philatelics and marked 'not to exceed £.....' total of your bids plus postage. Pro-forma invoices are sent to all other successful bidders.

Credit Facilities: We accept ACCESS & VISA. Payment may be spread over three months, in this case you send us three equal post-dated cheques.


Package worth up to £50 : Ordinary post £1.00
Package between £50 to £200 : Recorded delivery £2.00
Package between £200 to £2,000 : Registered post £6.00
(Except albums or bulky lots which may cost extra)

All First Day Covers have a full set of stamps, postmarked on the day of issue, on an illustrated FDC unless otherwise stated & all covers are in grade 1 condition unless otherwise stated. Catalogue prices quoted are normally from the latest edition of "Collect British First Day Covers" By A.G. Bradbury or "Collecting Post Office Cards", M. Porter "First Day Cover Catalogue", Steven Scott "Official FDC Catalogue" 2000 Edition and Booth "Collect GB First Day Covers".